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Gogol Bordello isn’t playing with you (but they’re playing Fugazi for you)

Or maybe they kind of are! ToolboxDC got a video of Gogol Bordello covering Fugazi’s “Blueprint” at the 9:30 Club a couple weeks ago.

It’s kind of fun how Eugene Hütz fakes out the audience into thinking he’s about to start playing “Start Wearing Purple” and then tells the crowd “It’s not that song.” Goes to show how all punk songs use the same three chords. But only in the best way, obviously.

Gogol Bordello- Blueprint. live at 9:30 Club, DC 12-28-14 from brian liu on Vimeo.

Thanks to Bandwidth DC for this story. Bonus: They include a link to Atom and His Package’s majestic cover of “Waiting Room.”


Cheers to a rude, reckless and revolutionizing 2015

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A friend of mine posted on Facebook about how in 2014, some good things happened and some bad things happened. Then some really bad things happened. Then some really good things happened. And that’s what happens every year.

I agree. 2014 made me cringe, cry and hurt — sometimes in pain, and a lot of other times in laughter. Hell, the last time I posted on here was over a year ago and was a really tough post. A lot more beautiful people were lost the following year. Other people did surprising and beautiful things.

Two nights ago was the first time in years that I actively wrote down stuff I want to give myself 365 days to do and change. One of them is to bring back rudie tuesdays. I missed a lot of moments that I wished I’d written about in 2014. A lot of pieces of life changed for me that year. I don’t want 2015 to go by without a chance to be another voice on the internet drawing my own conclusions and having opinions at a screen.

So among other things that I hope I stand by, I resolve to muse, rant and link regularly again in 2015. I’m shooting for every Tuesday, but let’s not get carried away — bi-weekly is likely where I’ll start.

And in honor of the new year, here’s something old: I finally listened to Bandwidth’s top DC songs of 2014 today. It make me realize that why am I not listening to more Priests all of the time. Every song I hear of theirs rocks, and I always want more loud distortion-filled music by women who rock. Their vocalist has a gritty, powerful, no-apologies voice and Courtney Love-esque hair. Check out the fourth song on Bandwidth’s list: “Right Wing” by Priests. And then go listen to everything else on their Bandcamp.

I can honestly say that in all my years of punk my hair never looked like this


PUNK: Chaos to Couture

The exhibit covers punk fashion from the early 1970s through today and features “approximately one hundred designs for men and women,” including “original punk garments and recent, directional fashion to illustrate how haute couture and ready-to-wear borrow punk’s visual symbols.” Like seeing a shirt that says “SPERM” in one of the most refined spaces in New York City!


via Gothamist (some images NSFWish)

How does she rock so hard in those shoes?!

How does she rock so hard in those shoes?!

Seriously. I literally have fallen down while trying to put on shoes like that. I wish I could rock out on stage half as hard as Laura Jane, and I could probably only make that happen in flats.

h/t FY!QM

Baby, I’m an Anarchist (Rap Version)

Published on Mar 10, 2013
Check out Greasy’s take on Against me- Baby, I’m an anarchist.


Found this via Laura Jane Grace on Twitter. It’s glorious. I get a kick out of the CNN logo popping up in the corner from all their footage.

Freas’s vocals …

Freas’s vocals are probably the best part of the whole album. Not that Canino is bad, he has a perfectly fine voice and a great yell when he needs it, but as a friend told me recently, “I’m sick of dude voices,” especially in punk. They’re everywhere and a lot of them tend to sound the same, so the tracks where Freas takes the lead are real stand outs.

From a friend’s review of the latest RVIVR album, The Beauty Between. (You should probably go check out his blog, because it’s awesome.) I was going to write my own review on this album, but then I read his. And it’s basically pretty much everything I wanted to say about it. So read his review, and it’ll be like you’re reading all the things I would’ve written in my review. Also, I’m proud to say I’m the quoted friend who is sick of dude’s voices, especially in punk music. Yet another reason this album is awesome.

Okay okay, this is my last RVIVR post for a while since I know I’ve been posting obsessively about them lately. (At least until they put out a new music video. Or do anything else otherwise awesome.)

In which, Lucero

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I was planning on writing about women in the punk scene this week.

But it’s late, and I’m tired, so that blog entry will have to wait for tomorrow.

It’ll be a good one, though.

Until then, here’s some Lucero that refuses to leave my brain:

An excerpt of the lyrics that is especially embedded in my cranium this evening:

So what if all my heroes are the losing kind?

We ended up with nothing, but we put up a fight

And most of it was choices we never asked to choose

The rest of it was luck and now we’ve run out of that too

What are you willing to lose?

What are you willing to lose?

I spent every dollar just to try and earn a dime

I’d try to make you hate me just to try and make you mine

It doesn’t really matter if I’m telling you the truth

What you see is all that’s left, the rest is up to you

What are you willing to lose?

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