Life is Music April 16, 2013, edition: Boston Marathon

It’s another rudieTuesday, which means another day where I equate a news event with a song. This week’s story is one I didn’t want to cover. I looked for a way around it; I tried to find a different story that had a lighter angle. I thought maybe I could cover something easy, and include a brief message in memorial for the Boston Marathon bombing.

But I couldn’t. This story has dominated the news and spurred constant discussion. The questions about why this happened are still unanswered; the carnage is still being tallied. An issue went viral that divided people on social media — how can Americans be in such shock and uproar about this act of terror, while staying in the dark or writing off (at times) daily bombing deaths of dozens or more in the Middle East?

Bombings, murders, unexpected deaths of innocent lives are all tragedies. Always. Civilians at a market buying food in Afghanistan don’t deserve to die or get hurt, just as runners feeling the elation of completing a major marathon, perhaps a life goal, don’t deserve it.

The song choice may be cheesy, but Dropkick Murphys are quintessential Boston punks. In the US, terror attacks are infrequent, and we will remember. Let’s make an effort to know and remember when this happens to anyone, anywhere.

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