In which I attend a basement show that is not in a basement

Listening to: Turnstile Comix #1 7″ – music by The Slow Death, comics by Mitch Clem

Last night, Iron Chic, The Slow Death, Bastard Cut and Coffin’ Fit tore up Mr. Beery’s on Long Island.

I’d never been to Mr. Beery’s for punk show or even a beer for that matter, and country music was blasting over the PA when I got there. A group of bros were playing pool. One or two other out-of-place looking kids were sitting at the bar, nursing beers. We showed up less than 10 minutes late, and I guess that’s what we get for not being on Punk Rock Time.

The Slow Death

The Slow Death

Mr. Beery’s is a small bar. I wouldn’t call it a venue. Once the game was over, the pool table was pushed against an opposite wall in order to make room for the bands to play. The packed space gave the place the feel of a basement show, which was cool once the music started.

Coffin’ Fit was on first and played the songs off their demo EP. It went by too quick. Their songs are just as raw and loud at a show as they are on their album. In spite of myself, “Cinder Lips” quickly became my favorite song of theirs, though “Mundaze” and “Eater of Cowards” are tying up close seconds. I’d like to see them play again soon. I’d love to see a show where they play with Shady Hawkins.

Bastard Cut was up next, and I hadn’t bothered to look them up before the show. They were insanely energetic pop punk, and a lot of fun. They’re the kind of band that I would’ve loved in high school, but have trouble listening to on my own nowadays. Some of their songs had a bit of a Guttermouth quality, while others reminded me more of early Movielife. In terms of energy levels, Bastard Cut were through the roof. I don’t know how much I’ll find myself listening to them while sitting at a desk; they require movement and were much more fun live.

Iron Chic

Iron Chic

I originally thought The Slow Death were headlining, but they were on before Iron Chic. It seemed like only me and one other kid were there to see these guys, and that one other kid chose his prime viewing spot directly in front of me. And then thrashed around for the set. It was obvious he was having a great time. I could tell The Slow Death were feeling a little ragged, which Jesse “Pretty Boy” Thorson confirmed, saying the band had a bit of a wild night before. However worn out they might’ve been feeling, it didn’t show in their music at all. They brought serious energy to all their songs, and closed their set with “Phantom Limbs,” which made my night. Considering they were the only band in the line-up that had traveled a really significant distance for the show (in general, they’re from Minneapolis, and the fill-in bass player was from Wales), I hope they head to the east coast again soon. Really soon.

Iron Chic has become sort of iconic in the Long Island scene, and they’ve definitely earned their place there. Their songs all have the intensity of an existential crisis set to an orgcore sound. The crowd was so pumped for Iron Chic to play, and the two fed off each other. The crowd did the wave, the band played louder. The band played with everything they had, the crowd screamed along until our throats were raw.

I wouldn’t place this show on my top 10 list, but it was crazy fun. My favorite shows are the ones where I can tell the band is super into it and having just as much fun as I am, and the show last night definitely had that.

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