In which I revive this blog back into existence

Listening to: nothing currently, but previously the stream of Cursive’s new album “I am Gemini”

I hit a rough patch where this blog became a bit too much for me to handle and update appropriately. I wasn’t writing the way I wanted or what I wanted, and my zeal was lost.

Now, I’ve been revived.

Last week I started a new blog about my latest travels. Just in these last couple days, I made a new friend with an awesome music blog who inspired me to begin again.

It’s an idea I was floating for a while and considering more seriously when I started the new blog a few days ago. Then today, with our limited access to the internet, we found streams of Screaming Females new song “It All Means Nothing” and Cursive’s new album “I am Gemini.”

Music nerds that we are, we both ran to the one room where we get internet with our laptops to hear the new tunes. We donned our headphones, silent-dance-party-style, and hit play at the same time. Consensus was the same: we’ve heard this song before, either on YouTube from a recent show or on a promo somewhere online. If it’s representative about the rest of the album, though, it’s going to be raw and intense.

Cursive was a bit more difficult. I was interrupted while listening to it and then the stream refused to restart for me, so I only got up to partway through track 11, “The Cat and Mouse.” The record is another concept album from the band, but it’s something they know and do so well.

I literally felt chills while listening to it. Cursive recaptured the haunting, engulfing sound they mastered on “Happy Hollow” and expanded upon it. It’s the best sound I’ve heard from them since that album, too. I have an insaitible itch to listen to the rest of the album in full, and soon.

With that, I dub this blog reborn.

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